Tennis lessons in Leiden area

Start with tennis lesson at Twit Tennis: you can start at any time!

To start with tennis lessons at Twit Tennis, you don’t need anything except your racket! We are independent and provide pleasant tennis locations. You could contact us and get a trial lesson at all places. We recommend to start with a private lesson first.

Where do we provide Tennis lessons?

  • FC Oegstgeest Tennis in Oegstgeest
  • Dekker Warmond in Warmond
  • TV Sikkens / Akzo Nobel in Sassenheim
  • Tennishal de Klinkenberg in Sassenheim
  • Sportcomplex Heineken in Zoeterwoude – Rijndijk
  • Villa Vroenhof in Warmond

In addition to tennis lessons, Twit Tennis also organizes  tennis trips

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Are you excited to learn to play tennis? Request your tennis credit and start an intensive tennis lesson as soon as possible!

Private lessons

Twit Tennis provides tennis lessons for all levels and ages. If you are a novice tennis player, we recommend taking some private lessons first. This way we can ensure a good basic technique. Then we can make a plan and possibly combine group lessons and private lessons.

Whether you play tennis purely recreationally or play a lot of matches and want to get higher; We offer suitable tennis lessons for every level. We determine in advance what your goals are and get to work on them together. Do you want to register with a friend for tennis lessons, take private lessons or join another group? Indicate your preferences and we will look for a suitable solution together. 


Group lessons

At our tennis lessons for groups, the pace is high and many game situations are trained. We look for the right match between the participants. We train with small groups of 3, 4 participants. The structure of our group lessons is recognizable: a (number of technical) drill(s), a competition situation / practice form and a points game. The technical, tactical and mental skills receive attention in almost every training. But above all, we make sure that everyone leaves the track with a satisfied feeling and is physically stimulated!

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